By WillL - January 29, 2018

*Edit: This is no longer a part of D.E.M.O. II as that was changed to a project with original beats instead.

Dropping a new song today from my upcoming mixtape D.E.M.O. II.  I was conflicted for a while on whether I should continue my mixtape series considering the state of music and the declining value of cohesive projects as opposed to releasing loose singles here and there, but this is the type of artist I am, I enjoy putting projects together so I'll continue my way of doing things. 

D.E.M.O. II is on the way, I've had to get rid of several songs that I planned on adding to this project due to what I feel is my natural growth as an artist, some of those songs just didn't sit right with me anymore.  D.E.M.O. II (like all my projects going forward) will be 11 tracks long, I find that to be the perfect sweet spot for the amount of tracks on a project in order to maintain listeners' attention as well as to not drown them with content and having my hard work be overlooked, I plan on mastering this 11 track format through my D.E.M.O. mixtape series as well as with my album projects.

So for now enjoy this song as I put the finishing touches on D.E.M.O. II, thanks to the few of you out there who really appreciate what I do ("all tree o yall"), I'm always pleasantly surprised when the props come and it gives me energy to continue working on this music that has given me so much in this life, thank you, enjoy.

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