ALIVE (Album)

By WillL - August 09, 2017

What's going on real people? My album 'Alive' is finally available for sale and stream at every major digital music retailer and streaming service, I'll leave my official release statement below, the links to the album on its various platforms are above, one love.

   "This is my first effort as WillL, I was formerly known locally by several aliases (the most commonly known being Eternal Ace & Ace The Phantom). Throughout my growth as an artist and as a man, my music became more meaningful to me and the songs started sounding more true to life as time went on. 
   Eventually my lyrics became completely about what I'm going through and my perspective of life, soon I found myself in a strange place with my former aliases. It became weird to introduce myself as Ace, I once heard a wise man say "don't become a caricature of yourself", and that's exactly what I felt I had become to some extent introducing myself with an alias so disconnected to me at that point. 
   After a while I came up with the idea of combining my first and middle names and came up with WillL (pronounced as "Will" but the capital L symbolizes not only my middle name, but several key factors in my life, ex: my daughter Leahna, my birth city Luanda, my L.I.F.E. family), this project symbolizes that change along with the updated sound that comes with it.
   My biggest decisions are calculated according to my kid's needs, not just the immediate needs but also the mental foundation she will stand on for the rest of her life, she is a major influencing factor in my growth and an energy booster whenever I am ready to give up, she made this project possible, the content reflects it and that is why she is on the cover. 
   Alive symbolizes the first time I can truly breathe in a while and appreciate life for what it really is, no matter how it's received, it's a project from the heart.  - WillL"

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