By . - January 11, 2017

There's a little thing in Angola we call "confiança", it translates to trust but our definition is more like "give someone a hand and they take the arm", "give an inch and they take a mile" which when you break it down it leads to untrustworthiness either way...I feel like lately I've given the wrong people too much confiança, not my close ones who I build with and who have nothing but love for me, never my family either, but people who hang around me loosely one way or another until they find what they feel is a vulnerability in me and come in to exploit it for their sole benefit.  

This year alone I've allowed it to happen multiple times, I like to help people wherever I can, I like to be able to trust people also and not have to doubt their intentions, this is why I keep a small circle, vultures are harder to spot when you're surrounded by a crowd.  Unfortunately my willingness to trust people leads to disappointment from time to time, and even though that can get frustrating I can never let them turn me into a bitter person, I know better, all of my most valuable friendships have come from giving people that same confiança, if I had let my previous experiences stop me from trusting these people I would never have them in my life today.  

So I guess this thing we call confiança is more like a gamble, unless you can read minds it's almost impossible to truly know someone's intentions towards you until they consistently show you with their actions, all you can do is shake your dice, toss them, and hope you land the right number.  None of this means that I won't protect myself from people with parasitic personalities, they can be good actors but I'm the director of this movie I call My Life, I can tell when someone is just performing and when they're being genuine, it's not the first time I deal with it definitely won't be the last, shout out to my real people who never have to wear a mask to be around me...11111111111111!

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