By . - July 28, 2016

Passion sits on a thin line between pleasure and pain, over the years I noticed that most people don't understand what it's like to have a passion, to truly be passionate about something in life. There are people that have had a hobby present for so long in their lives they mistake it for their passion, more often than not they're wrong. 

Real passion consumes you, it's always present in your mind at every waking hour, wherever you go, whatever you do your mind is constantly taking events in your life and making connections to it, you lose sleep over it on a regular basis, you alienate people away from you because they don't understand what it means to you and why you insist on pursuing this thing the way you do. 

Your passion becomes more important than hanging out, it becomes more important than romantic relationships, it becomes as important as the oxygen you breathe. When you find your passion it's near impossible to live without it, to picture your life away from this thing that defines you like nothing else can. 

Pursuing a passion is not for the weak-willed, it takes thick skin to maintain something so overwhelming and time consuming in the midst of the ups and downs life throws at you while managing your responsibilities and criticism from outsiders looking in. Being passionate about something in life is tough, but when you're fully committed it rewards you in ways you never thought possible, you learn about yourself on a deeper level and you find yourself a complete person without the need of a partner or a crowd around you. 

Real passion is self-sustaining, and even though it's painful at's where you'll find true happiness in life, this is why I protect mine with everything I have.

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