By . - March 11, 2016

I have goals that I choose to keep to myself, I have passions I pursue relentlessly, so much so that at times it seems like I have tunnel vision. These actions have managed to alienate or in best case scenarios simply distance me from the majority of people I used to keep around me during my teen years and early 20s. With the exception of my family, a few of my closest friends and the people I pursue some of those goals with...I keep myself company most of the time. 

I've noticed that this led to some people resenting me, some might say I changed and you know what? They're right! I changed the day I learned that my time is the most valuable commodity in my life, I changed when I learned to recognize the destructive habits and people in my life, I changed when I woke up one day and realized that I had wasted precious years influenced by the wrong motivations, time that I'll never be able to get back.

Maybe it took me having a daughter to finally start respecting my time, maybe I just learned from my past mistakes and refuse to repeat them, maybe I just notice 30 approaching and want to see some of those goals accomplished, or maybe it's a combination of all those things that drive me today; Whatever it might be, these days I take responsibility for my own fate, I refuse to just "go with the flow", and I invest my time not only in my present but also heavily in my future.

I plan on being here for a long time to see my seed flower into a beautiful and successful woman, I plan on seeing my potential fully realized in this lifetime because I'm completely aware of what I'm capable of achieving, and there's no amount of foul attitudes, loss of friendships, alienation or lack of popularity that could ever even for a second make me stray from that.

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