By . - December 13, 2015

Most people like to think love is about romance, but love is a survival tool, you have to love your life for what it is in order to be fully engaged in it, when you stop, depression shows up and pretty soon you'll be just going through the motions, watching time go by with a negative outlook towards life as nothing changes, your days all end up looking the same as you seclude yourself away from your social life. 

I've personally experienced this, through much reading, self-study and deep meditation I was able to begin to pull myself out the miserable state I was in...but it's the love I have for my daughter, love I have for my family, love I have for my friends/brothers, the love I have for my craft and most importantly the love and respect I have for myself that without a doubt kept me here, without those things there is no Will. I use music as a way to discover myself, the inner workings of my mind, it was never a passing fad to me, I see music as raw emotion and as soon as I experienced the feeling of creating those emotions I fell in love with the craft. 

This year I wrote an album that addresses this emotion we call "Love", I did it for myself, I did it because I needed it, I needed to figure out what I was dealing with internally so that I could learn to start loving life like I did before. If not one person listens to this album that's fine by me, because when I started this project I had one thought in mind: "Make this the one that unbreaks you Will". 

I learned a lot about myself through the process of creating this one, but the biggest lesson to me was the relationship between loving and living, as I grow older I'm learning to let go of my previous preconceptions about what it means to be a man and stepping into the shoes of a real one, one who understands love isn't reserved for weaker or softer males, no, in fact those of us who are able to unapologetically and openly display the things we love in our lives without shame or fear are the ones who know ourselves the best, and without a doubt the stronger ones among us.

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