Documentary: VIRUNGA

By Anonymous - August 07, 2015

Today as I scrolled through Neflix to find something to watch I came across the documentary "Virunga" by director Orlando von Einsiedel, I've been meaning to watch this film for a while as I'm committed to getting as much knowledge about my birth continent as possible in order to share it with the world, improving the quality of life for all my African brothers and sisters is a goal I'm committed to making possible in my lifetime.

"Virunga" details the many challenges the park rangers face at the Virunga National Park in Eastern DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), where they face many threats endangering the area from violent poachers who relentlessly kill the wildlife for personal gain, to military rebel groups moving into the area, all the way to international oil companies wanting to exploit the natural resources, with no regard for the local citizens or the preservation of the animals' natural habitat.

This documentary hits home for me because having grown up in Angola my family and I are very familiar with the DRC (formerly known as Zaire), it borders Northern Angola and we have many friends and family from there as well as residing there. The themes presented in this film are all too familiar to all Africans as well as those who know Africa well, corruption, war, racism, death, etc. are all things you learn about well and adapt to growing up in Africa.

The film is very well made and I invite you to watch it and open your eyes to some of the current issues in Africa, the cradle of humanity and one of the most culturally rich and abundant places in natural resources on planet earth which constantly gets exploited and abused by several outside interests without any repercussions whatsoever.

You can find Virunga on Netflix if you have it, or watch it below (click "Read More") in the embedded youtube video (for as long as they keep it up).


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